Local and International Meetings

The Volunteer Olympics are sports events held both nationally and internationally, with the purpose derived from the intrinsic value that the Games have in themselves. In other words, they aim to prepare the athlete, both individually and collectively, for competition and struggle. It is important to consider that etymologically, the word “athlete” means “the one who fights, who strives,” and the word “compete” comes from the Latin “Com petire,” which means “to go together towards something.”

The fundamental reason for their celebration is to rescue the Olympic Spirit from time and make it a reality in our daily lives. In this way, we achieve, among other things:

• Promote the development of human virtues and fair play.

• Personal improvement in the effort to overcome oneself, aiming to make the Olympic motto a moral part of our daily life.

• Value the effort of self-improvement and camaraderie.

• Instill respect and admiration for the opponent, recalling the old teaching that says: “At the table and in the game, one knows the lady and the gentleman.”

• Emphasize that sports are not an end in life but a means that helps us feel better both physically and mentally, overcoming the obstacles that life presents to us.